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The reason i move because wordpress interface very complicated. is much easier & user friendly. So, yea! I moved! Enjoy….!!  =)


Online Daily Coupons

Lately, there are lots of website which sells cheap coupons. Its something like promotions from the shop. They have Food & Beverage, Pedicure & Manicure, Massage & Spa, Boutiques, Hair Saloon, Facials… etc……  So far i bought 2 sets coupon for Pedicure & Manicure for RM30 each, Honeymoon dessert for RM5 from normal price, and 1 set of Spa & Massage for only RM50. All are separates sites..Those coupons some available in Klang Valley, Ipoh, Johor, Penang…… This also depends certain site have certain site only Klang Valley. Can try check it out.

Once you already make your payment thru online using Credit Card or Online Banking, they will send you an email to notify you have bought those tickets. And Print out the coupon to show to the shop or restaurant that you are going to. Thats it! Easy!

Go to:-

There are more….. those 3 are my daily click. Its Fun to Buy because its Cheap and worth! If you dont buy, you wont be going. But once u bought, surely you will die die also go. 😛


Women Investment

Wondering what is that every women must invest huh!? Well, there are many types women must invest, one of them must have is Facial product. Lately, I feel like changing my facial product from B.liv to Exuviance. I had a friend using Exuviance for years, and her face looks AWESOME!! And one day I asked her what product she is using, and the answer is Exuviance. (FYI, this is not an advert blogpost. I dont get paid to promote them. Its just sharing.)

The basic set

Among those I heart the most is the ERC (Evening Restorative Complex) & Rejuvenating Masque. Both will make your skin GLOW!  winks*

Total cost I’ve spent is around RM1050 for 6 bottles. The rest are Free Gift. Expensive or Worth? Hmm….

Its the number of OnE wAn year!

In the year of 2011, its full of special day & date. January, nothing much.. because i just came back from Bali trip last year 2010 in December. haha… Its not a luxury trip coz we follow the bf’s company trip. So, yea… Kedekut (cheapskate).. Stay at cheap hotel full of mosquitos & aircon is not cold. Not what i expected, but at least i had a wonderful trip.  😀

Oh yea, now its already quarter the year of 2011. I had plan for Melbourne Trip around end of July for 11days. Then after that got to be good n stay at home save money for November Trip. Not sure where to go yet (maybe Shanghai). But…. Hopefully can make it. Coz lots of wedding dinner to attend around that month, if not wrong i have 1  dinner to attend on the 12th of November. Sobs…

Here are the places i need to visit in Melbourne:-

Phillip Island
Running around with the Penguins. Chasing over them to take photo….


Great Ocean Road
If not mistaken, there are 12 rock… the last time my bro went was last year October, the huge rock only left 11. So must go before all gone!


Ski like a PRO! MuAHAHAHahhahha….. When im back to Msia, whole body wrap up like mummy, then you all know why…..coz’ I just SKIED like a PRO!! LoL~

Currently only can think of those 3 places to go. I never been to Melbourne. So this trip will wait the bf to plan where to bring me go. He used to study & work there. 😀
And he said might plan to go over to Sydney for 3D2N in between Melbourne trip. So will see how it goes.

Another thing not to forget is………………..


and this…..


and also MUST have my favorite……


Looking forward for those……   =)

More to come……..

Acupuncture Treatment

Lately i am busy with my after working appointments with the chinese doctor.
Yes, i am on acupuncture treatment EVERYDAY after work. I got back pain sickness ever since i injured from my company trip in Melaka.  Not only my back pain, now my right shoulder felt very tight and stress. Its so painful till i got bad temper. My right hand shoulder will feel pain if i have heavy workloads. But lately not much job. Impossible pain! So, one of my friend suggested me to go for acupuncture. She said its good and at the same time after the acupuncture session, u will feel your skin on your face glow and healthy! Well, i was thinking to get a try on it. This is my first time thou! Scaryyy!!! 😀

This is how it looks like. Image from here.

Its a lil’ bit pain at first, but at the end you feel nothing. Unless the doctor poke in deeper. LOL….
Everyday RM80 just gone for 20-30mins session! I need to go for treatment at least 15 times. Yesterday was my 3rd time. Another 12 to go. 😦

Have you heard before Acupuncture can help to you to slim down? 😀
(I dare not try on that YET!)

I will be back soon @ 2011

Its been awhile since the last time I blog. I will be back! 😉
Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!!

Cute & Compact


Iphone docking station

This product has all the features that would give your living room or bedroom a lift up and let you sense the beauty of nature, vibrant, romance or comfort at your mood.
* Wakeup to Dawn lighting features brings you to daylight from the dark at your set time.
* Wakeup to natural sound like birds, river sound and wind breeze relieve you from busy environment.
* Wake up to iPod, iPhone, Radio or alarm, you can hear your favorite music when you wake up.
* You can change your living room into disco, romantic or cyber environment by a simple press button.
* You can choose your favorite color to decorate your room.

– Beside or table lamp with wakeup light feature
– Energy saving Led, 20 light setting dimmer
– Dawn feature: Project light 15 / 30 minutes before selected wake-up time.
– Dual Alarm Clock, Snooze feature
– Wakeup to radio, alarm, 4 x natural sound, iPod, iPhone and lightings
– FM PLL tuner, support 20 stations preset
– Retractable iPhone / iPod dock for charging and playing
– LCD display with Blur color LED backlight
– 3 mode lighting effect (cyber / Romantic / Disco) by color LEDs
– Press button to freeze your favorite color at light mode.
– Full remote control (Dimmer / Mood Light / Radio / Clock / Dual Alarm)

Output power : 1.5W
Drivers : 1.5′ or 2′ full range speakers
Powewr : 220/ 240V
Connection: iPod, Aux-in
Lamp life span 10000 hours
Accessories: Universal dockk or adaptors x 5, User manual, Remote Control
Class 1 Energy Saving

Buy 3 for RM500
Interested?? Leave me a message for more details.